Ethiopia Guji Mauz Sini - Archived Reviews

Ethiopia Guji Mauz Sini - Archived Reviews


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Mauz Sini boasts lilac and jasmine florals across the roast spectrum, with fruit accents of tangerine, pomegranate, and peach tea. Sparkling acidity, and lasting raw sugar sweetness. City to Full City. Great Ethiopia espresso.

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Additional Info

Cultivars Heirloom Varietals
Grade 1
Processing Method Wet Processed
Arrival Date August 2015 Arrival
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Region Guji Zone, Sidama
Roast Recommendations City to Full City will capture the most complexity. Big florals all the way up to Full City.
Organic No
Farm Gate No
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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Unfortunately, we don't know a whole lot about the specific origin of this Guji coffee. We're using the name "Mauz Sini" as it means "perfumed cup" in the Ethiopian language of Ahmaric, which seems appropriate for a coffee with this cup profile. To be specific, "sini" refers to small cups, which are used for serving coffee during the traditional coffee ceremony. It's one of a few purchases we made through the ECX this year, and because of this, most provenance is stripped before the coffee hits the market. We do know this is from Sidama, but no washing station name is attached. Basically all farmers that are not part of a cooperative submit their coffee to the exchange where it is first graded, and then sold in tiers based off that graded category. It's difficult to resist an amazing sample no matter where it comes from, and with ECX we know farmers are paid based on their coffee's grade tier, and they are paid quickly - not always so with intermediarie). And that's what we find with this coffee - an amazing Sidama, that is visually and cup profile-wise Grade 1 all the way.

Mauz Sini lives up to it's name, the aroma and cup perfumed with delicate floral and tea notes. At City roast, the dry fragrance is front-loaded with raw sugar and stargazer lily smells, which we think to be hallmarks of a good Guji coffee. The wet aroma boasts hefty wafts of caramelized sugar smells in the steam, highlighted by accents of peach and jasmine pearl tea, especially when breaking through the crust. We've roasted this coffee a few times now, ranging from City to just about Full City, and its complex nature holds up all along the way. Like the aromatics, the first thing you notice is a strong presence of unrefined sugars and florals, like jasmine and lilac. The middle is filled out with notes of peach, tangerine, and a tart pomegranate. City/City+ will show the widest array of fruits, and my preferred roast for brewed coffee, with acidity that sparkles. Closer to Full City dark fruit notes proliferate, with developed sugar flavors and a hint of Earl Grey tea. And I'm happy to say the bold florals don't let up, even at Full City. We gave this latter roast a run through the espresso machine and were floored with the results - long sweetness, tart-to-sweet berries, jasmine, and much more chocolate that I imagined.