Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Haricha - Archived Review

Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Haricha - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Haricha is packed with fruit flavors, strawberry, tart raspberry, apple, apricot, grape, mixed berries, and subtle jasmine highlight. Complex brewed coffee with LOTS to talk about. City to Full City.

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Additional Info

Cultivars Heirloom Cultivars
Grade Grade 1
Appearance .6 d/300gr, 15-18 Screen
Processing Method Dry Process
Region Haricha, Yirga Cheffe
Arrival Date August 2016 Arrival
Roast Recommendations Works well at a wide range of roasts; City+ to Full City is my preferred level, but both north and south of this range cup nicely (up to Full City+)
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso No



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This is a single station coffee from Haricha kebele in Yirga Cheffe. There are two coffee stations in close proximity here, this with the name "Haricha" attached, and it's very close to Yirga Cheffe town. We picked up a few lots from Haricha in the past few years (also referred to as "Aricha" coffee) , and they've produced some of the best dry-processed coffees we've tasted from the area. This grade 1 preparation means the coffee receives extra special preparation, hand sorting from the drying tables to the final milled coffee, separating out under and over-ripe coffee cherry, and any defective beans. This extra work improves the overall cup quality and consistency in roasting. Dry-processing means that the coffee was not pulped (the outer skin removed) and fermented to remove the fruity mucilage layer. In dry processing, the coffee cherry is picked and laid out in raised "beds" in the sun, turning the red fruit to a deep brown color over the course of two weeks. After a storage period, the coffee seed is hulled out in one step, removing all the dried skin, fruit and parchment layers at the same time. The photos are from a 2014 visit to Haricha Station.

This lot from Haricha is from the later harvest and still high scoring, brimming with sweet fruit aroma, and such a juicy cup. The dry grounds have a scent of dehydrated strawberry and cooked stone fruit in lighter roasts, while Full City pull out cocoa and spice accents. The wet aroma is intense, brown sugar and berry jam, apricot fruit leather and a layered berry notes billow up in a sweet smelling steam. The aromatics leave little guess-work as to what's to come in the brewed coffee. City and City+ roasts are packed with fruit flavors - strawberry, tart raspberry, apple, and apricot. There's an acidic brightness in the cup that is nice to see in a dry-process coffee (adds structure to the profile), and highlights elements of grape and dark berry notes. The aftertaste lingers, berry-going-tropical, a complex spectrum of fruit, and even a subtle floral note. Our Full City roast carried a nice chocolate-covered berry flavor, and a strawberry milk note in the finish. The roasted coffee has an even roast color too, not always the case with naturally processed coffees (and very few quakers!). Outstanding brewed coffee that's sure to be a conversation starter.