El Salvador Finca Cartagena Bourbon- Archived Review 2017

El Salvador Finca Cartagena Bourbon- Archived Review 2017


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Dense sweetness in this all Bourbon coffee, brown sugar and honey wheat, almond syrup, chocolate brownie mix, and cocoa dusted pretzel. City+ to Full City+. This one's made for espresso.

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Additional Info

Cultivars Bourbon
Processing Method Wet Processed (Washed)
Grade SHB EP
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 16-19 screen
Arrival Date July 2017 Arrival
Roast Recommendation City+ to Full City+
Region Chalatenango-Alotepec
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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Finca Cartagena is located in Chalatenango-Alotepec, situated between the Santa Ana and Pacayita volcanos. Cartagena is a sizeable farm, and mostly planted in Bourbon cultivar, which this lot is a separation of. The altitude ranges from just over 1000 meters, on up to nearly 1400 meters above sea level. Management of the farm has recently been put under the control of the folks who run a local dry mill, and who employ the help of agronomists who devise specific farm management plans. The bean screen size is on the large side, measuring between 16 and 19 1/64ths of an inch. Because of the size, Finca Cartagena is an ideal coffee for a grid drum roaster like the Behmor as you don't have to worry about small beans making it's way through the grid openings and smoldering on the bottom of the machine. It also takes heat well, and I was able to navigate a deep Full City roast without any trouble, coming into First Crack with plenty of momentum and avoiding the violent fracturing that can come with smaller and dryer coffee beans.

Finca Cartagena has a clean, dark sugar sweetness in the dry fragrance. Smells of molasses sugar toasting in a pan comes up from the ground coffee, and both City+ and Full City roasts showed alternating layers of raw sugar sweet, and slightly bittering cocoa tones. The sweet sugary smells are bumped up a notch in the wet aroma, and smells off the crust vacilated between chocolate brownie mix and cocoa dusted pretzels. Dense sweetness defines the middle roasts, and the profile is marked with brown sugar and a honey wheat sweetness, almond syrup, and a Lipton black tea accent. Acidity level is mild to moderate, most apparent in City and City+ roasts, however I don't recommend City level as sweetness is much lower in the profile. A dried dark fruit note comes through at Full City, along with bittersweet note of dark chocolate cake. Full City espresso shots are a real highlight, inky on the palate, and bittersweet chocolate tones for days.