Costa Rica Los Crestones Finca Alaska - Archived Review

Costa Rica Los Crestones Finca Alaska - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Finca Alaska has a pleasant tartness in the cup, cranberry and habiscus, along with sweet flavors of raisin, plum, and oatmeal cookie. Acidity is high at City/City+ and like white grape juice. Buttery to chocolate tones in the finish. City to Full City.

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Grade SHB
Arrival Date June 2015 Arrival
Appearance .6 d/300gr, 15 -18 Screen
Intensity / Prime Attribute Medium intensity/Dry fruit sweetness, malted barley and oatmeal cookie notes, classic Costa Rica brightness.
Region La Piedra de Rivas, Chirripó Region
Roast Recommendations City to Full City - we preferred somewhere in the middle to highlight acidity
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso No



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Los Crestones is an area of unique rocky outcroppings in the area of the Chirripó National Park, a zone called La Piedra de Rivas. It is also a minor region of coffee production adjacent to the parklands, in quite a different zone than the major areas one might be familiar with; Tarrazu, Central Valley, or the Western Valley regions. This new-crop selection is from a small farm, Finca Alaska, that is very unique considering its "off-the-radar" location on the slopes of the country's highest peak, Chirripo. Los Crestones is a coffee producer group who shares a micro mill, drying patios, and newly installed dry-mill too (they benefit from being able to use parchment to fuel dryers when needed, as well as saving on paying someone else to dry mill their coffee - see the 3rd pic), but each farm processes their coffees separately. Finca Alaska is actually made up of a few small plots owned by Asdrubal Acuña Hernández, one of the founding members of the Crestones group. This lot comes from 1650 - 1700 meters.

The fragrance of the dry grinds show a restrained, light brown sugar sweetness, a scent of cardamom cake, and a vanilla spice note. A stone fruit and molasses smell come off the steam of the wet crust, like peach turnover, and subtle spice tea notes on the break. The smells of our Full City roast verge on dark grape and showed intense sweetness. City+ is a safe roast level for Finca Alaska, and when warm, demonstrates dried fruit flavors along the lines of raisin and, even more so, dried plum. As the coffee cools a pleasant tartness appears and a beautiful cranberry note comes into play. Cooling even further, the brightness continues to prevail, conjuring white grape juice and a note of habiscus tea. The finish on this lot is buttery and chocolatey leaning towards raw nibs. City+ roast really brings out the unique sweetness of this coffee, with malted barley syrup and oatmeal cookie. Acidity may slightly diminish if taken too deep into the roast although expect acidity to pervade on into Full City territory.