Complete Hario Brew Kit

Complete Hario Brew Kit


These Hario products were designed to be used as a set, and they do indeed work beautifully together. The Hario v60 dripper is a fully cone shaped dripper with one large hole at the bottom. The v60 does require a little more finesse when brewing to avoid an underextracted and watery cup, as opposed to other pour over methods that have a flat bottom and small drain holes, which can allow the coffee and water to infuse for longer. This is where the kettle comes in. The gooseneck pour spout allows a great deal of control over the stream of water, which means you can avoid pouring water down the side of the dripper (which will bypass the coffee brewing bed completely and go straight into your cup), and you can also slow down your stream of water to get a suitable extraction time. The stand sits on top of the scale and protects it from any water or coffee, and holds the dripper on top so you can fit the proper sized vessel underneath. The scale itself has a built in timer, so you can replicate your preferred brew recipe over and over again. This is everything you need to get the perfect cup, every single time.

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Kit Includes:

- Hario V60 Dripper

- V60 Filters

- Hario Pour-Over Stand

- Hario Scale w/ built-in timer

- Hario Buono Pour-Over Kettle

- Hario Slim Mill