Colombia Timaná España y Figueroa - Archived Review

Colombia Timaná España y Figueroa - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Grape, apple, panela, and honey, highlight City to City+ roasts. Floral, spice accents emerge and the sweetness hangs on oh so long. City to FC. Good for espresso.

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Additional Info

Grade Estate
Arrival Date September 2015 Arrival
Appearance .6d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Intensity / Prime Attribute Medium Intensity/Sweet fruits,
Region Timana, Huila
Roast Recommendations City to Full City+; our best results were around City+, which is what we used for the review
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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This is a blend of two producers from the Timanà region of Huila, an area we've been buying more and more coffee from the past 2 years. Built from two very small microlot-coffees, I came across both lots when cupping arrivals at the local association (effectively, a cooperative) last March. One lot was 2 bags and the other half that. As much as I wanted to keep them separate, the profiles were quite similar in that they showed high levels of sweetness, as well as elegant fruited top notes. And so it made much more sense to blend them creating a slightly larger offer that will potentially serve more customers. Anyway, as I said earlier, both producers are members of the local association in Timanaá town, where a quality-focused project is underway promoting best practices by providing both financial and agronomical support, and of course paying attractive premiums in the form of a second payment for coffees that are worthy of separating from the blend qualities. The altitude of the growers we work with spans from around 1500 - 1800 meters, and planting mostly Caturra with some Variedad Colombia.

The aromatics of this two-producer blend are honey-sweet, like raw, blended honey, comb and all. There's a surprising amount of fruit in the 'nose', a nice clove spice and apple juice scent in the dry grounds. The wet aroma has a thick sweetness of marzipan, and with fresh fruit accents. Caramel and red apple smells steam up from the crust, and a scent of panela sugar is released on the break. The cup is very sweet, City+ roasts having a white grape juice fruited aspect, with more of the panela/raw-to-floral sugar flavors. The sweetness is big, and City+ roast establishes beautiful honey and nougat base flavors. Apple notes continue to flourish as the cup cools, red apple, sweet and juicy. Top notes shift from herb-tea to cinnamon spice, along with an elegant rice candy note (perfume-like florals of "Botan" rice candies, if you've tried them). Raw sugar sweetness hangs on heavy in the finish, fading into a burned caramel flavor in the long aftertaste. This makes for a great highlight Latin American coffee, a range of flavors at middle roast levels,