Colombia Timaná Dos Cafetales - Archived Review

Colombia Timaná Dos Cafetales - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Dos Cafetales is a fruit-forward cup at from light to FC, tropical punch, berry jam, and a citrus accents. Acidity is nice, malic to citric, tying together the complex cup flavors. City to Full City.

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Additional Info

Varietal Caturra and Variedad Colombia
Grade Estate
Arrival Date June 2015 Arrival
Appearance .6d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Intensity / Prime Attribute Medium to Bold Intensity / Fruit forward, raw sugars, juicy acidity
Region Timana, Huila
Roast Recommendations City to Full City; our best results were around City+
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso No



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"Dos Cafetales" is just how it sounds, built from 2 very small microlot-coffees we came across when building this most recent container of Colombia coffees. These producers are both from the Municipality of Timana, a region where our interest is growing, partly due to the quality-focused work of a local Timina coffee association (that first pic is a parchment delivery being made outside the association). It starts with a fairly high price being paid for parchment coffee, seeing prices in the 1,000,000 peso range for base quality this year. Competition for Huila coffee is high, so paying high prices comes with the territory. And the premium we pay for the 'microlot' quality coffee sees an additional payment returned to the farmer, and immediately upon our approval of the sample (unique, and actually due to the good work being done by the intermediary group we work with, who handle financing and quite a bit of pre-selection for us). Anyway, the farms of these producers span 1500 - 1800 meters, and planting mostly caturra with variedad Colombia intermixed. We tasted the initial offers on a visit to Timana a few months back, and the rested coffee is impressive.

Dos Cafetales smells fruit-forward coming out of the grinder, some cane juice sweetness, but a scent of fruit syrup is what's in the foreground. The wetted grounds are potent, loaded with tropical fruit based in brown sugar - a nice fruit paste and cinnamon bread smell on the break. When hot, the cup hot has a nice mix of raw sugar and faint citrus notes, with lingering bittersweetness in the finish. City roasts open up a lot as the coffee cools, with fruited flavors popping up in the profile, dark cherry, pineapple, red tropical punch, and citrus accents. Roasting to FC produces dark fruit jam flavors as well as sees chocolate roast tones creeping in. The acidity is very juicy and prominent in the cup, falling somewhere in-between malic to citric (like mild orange). This is a complex Colombian cup through and through, and middle roast ranges boast more-than convincing sweetness, fruit tones, acidic brightness, and a lingering finish.