Colombia Caicedo Don Juan-Archived Review 2017

Colombia Caicedo Don Juan-Archived Review 2017


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Sweet pecan pie aromatics, raw sugar at the core, and top notes like clove and cardamom spice, stone fruit candy, peach tea, and an interesting eucalyptus-like note. City to City+.

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Additional Info

Cultivars Caturra, Variedad Colombia
Processing Method Wet Process (Washed)
Grade Estate
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 15+ screen
Arrival Date September 2017 Arrival
Region Caicedo, Antioquia
Roast Recommendation City to City+
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso No



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The coffees we've bought from the Caicedo region in the past all shared fruited cup characteristics. Like neighboring coffee region to the west, Urrao, Caicedo has very high altitude, good shade from the shadow of the mountain slopes, and plenty of fresh water from healthy rainy seasons. Fermentation times tend to be longer in this area due to the cold weather, and is part of the reason for the uniquely fruited cups. This coffee was purchased through a local association in Caicedo of which Juan is a member, and who has allowed us access via our intermediary partner in Medellin. Coffee's are cupped regularly by our partners throughout the harvest, and those that meet a specific quality target are separated from what would normally become regional blend if sold to the association. We then cup test the samples (which in some areas equates to hundreds of samples, each representing a very small amount of coffee!) and separate out any that we think fall within certain score ranges. We then decide whether to construct a custom blend, or hopefully feature as a single producer microlot. It's a benefit to us to be able to get in at ground level like this, allowing us to build some really incredible tasting blended lots. And for the farmers who's coffee we buy, they are paid a sizable premium for allowing us to separate, in some cases twice what they would have been paid from the associations. It's a win win situation, and one we're grateful to be a part of.

The dry fragrance offers a glimpse of the forthcoming cup, City roasts with a sturdy core raw sugar sweetness, accented by a mix of spiced tea and delicate fruit notes. The wet aroma has layered complexity too, the wetted coffee crust having characteristics of pecan pie - brown sugar sweetness, nutty pecan, and cinnamon hint. And when breaking through the crust with a spoon, the steam is infused with an assemblage of warm spice and sweet fruit smells. The flavors in the brewed coffee also have a layered effect, flavor notes unfolding over the course of drinking a cup. Sugar browning flavors are the first characteristics of note, a typical flavor greeting on your initial sip. But as you warm up to this coffee, or as it cools down a little (or perhaps both?), spice and fruit notes become more easily defined, as do tea accents. Underlying raw sugar sweetness helps to elevate the top notes, clove and cardamom spice aspects, stone fruit candy, peach tea, and an interesting eucalyptus-like note name a few. Acidity is tea-like too, helping to support the complex flavor array, and keeping the mouthfeel from becoming flabby. Of the few times we cupped this coffee, I preferred the lighter roasts to darker roast development. My Full City roast offered balanced sweet/bittering flavors, but most of the tea and spice characteristics were completely obfuscated.