Burundi Ngara Station SWP Decaf - Archived Review

Burundi Ngara Station SWP Decaf - Archived Review


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. Syrupy body, sorghum and barley malt, bittersweet cocoa. Middle roasts make a great daily drinking coffee, roasted cacao finish. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.

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Additional Info

Cultivar Bourbon
Grade A1
Appearance .4d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Processing Method Wet Processed
Region Bujumbura Province
Arrival Date May 2016 Arrival
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+; Full City is ideal for balance of sweet and bittering tones, leaving room for subtle top notes as the cup cools
Organic No
Farm Gate Yes
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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Our latest custom decaf from the Ngara Station, a coffee processing site in the Bubanza area of Burundi. It's located a bit north of the capital of Bujumbura. The station is supplied with waters from the Kibira National Forest upstream, and produces a moderate amount of coffee that tends to ripen sooner than other areas we buy from. Growing altitudes range from about 1400 to 1600 meters, with nearly all the coffee farms planted in Bourbon varieties of coffee. This coffee is a bit different from our other Burundi offerings, with a more restrained brightness and a thicker body, which proved to translate well in decaf application too. "SWP" refers to Swiss Water Process, a non-solvent based decaffeination process where only water is used to remove 99.9% of the caffeine, retaining much of the original, non-decaf flavor profile.

The dry fragrance has a hint of English Breakfast tea at City+, along with burned sugar, and roasted barley accents. At Full City, the smell is like cinnamon toast with sugar and butter. Sweetness is elevated with the addition of hot water, a deep sugar browning smell comes to fore, speckled with dry spice accents. City+ to Full City is where this coffee boasts the most balance of sugary sweetness and bittering cocoa roast tones. The cup is bodied, which when cool, conveys a syrupy texture pushing flavors of sorghum syrup, barley malt, and a cacao roast tone that is both bittersweet and tangy. Middle roasts have a very long lasting finish, and leave me contemplating layers of baker's cocoa and roasted cacao nibs. I found Full City roast level produced a great drinking coffee, and given the body and bittersweetness, I imagine will work well as espresso too.