Brazil Municipal de Cristina -Jamir Microlot - ARCHIVED REVIEW

Brazil Municipal de Cristina -Jamir Microlot - ARCHIVED REVIEW


THIS COFFEE HAS SOLD OUT. This microlot from Jamir shows well in middle roasts, nut-to-cocoa tones, berry topping, thick, inky body. A great espresso option on it's own, or as a blend base. City+ to Full City+. Great espresso.

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Additional Info

Cultivar Bourbon, Typica
Grade Estate
Appearance .8 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Processing Method Dry Processed
Region Vargem Alegre, Cristina, Sul de Minas
Arrival Date February 2016 Arrival
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+; dark roasts are superb espresso
Organic No
Farm Gate No
Recommended for Espresso Yes



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This microlot from farmer Jamir Ribiero placed top 10 in the competition held by Regional Cooperative of Coffee Growers of Vale do Rio Verde (COCARIVE) end of 2015, a coop this farm is a part of. This farm is just one portion of his father's original estate, which was divided among his siblings as inheritance over 30 years ago. He's been growing coffee on his own ever since, and has reinvested premiums into infrastructural improvements, such as paved patios, dryers, etc. He put together this 8-bag microlot for submission in the competition, and we were lucky enough to select. The farm is located in the municipality of Cristina, within the Sul de Minas region. They grow a mix of Yellow Bourbon, as well as Mundo Nuovo (a natural hybrid of Boubon and Typica). A lot of hand labor goes into these competition coffees, which is evidenced in the roasted coffee (though there still is the occasional quaker that should be picked out). A 16/18 screen size equates to larger, uniform beans, achieving evenness in color when roasting, and also means no small beans to slip through Behmor grid drums!

The ground coffee is quite fragrant, with smells of palm sugar, boiled nuts with baking spices, and a a ripe berry tone, especially in lighter roasts. The wet aromatics have an appeal of ice cream sundae toppings, strawberry sauce, dark chocolate, and layers of chopped roasted nuts. City roast is a touch too light for my taste, nut tones are more dominant without the necessary sweetness to counteract. At City+ though, similar allusions sensed in the aromatics come through, nut-to-cocoa tones, with berry topping, especially on the 'exhale' (retronasal response), and in the long finish. Full City pulls out more developed cocoa roast tones, and body is thick and inky. As espresso, this coffee shows well on it's own, with surprisingly tart lemon zest up front, and loads of dark chocolate, roasted nut tones, and creamy mouthfeel.