Bonmac V-shaped Plastic Dripper

Bonmac V-shaped Plastic Dripper

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The Bonmac V-shaped Plastic Dripper does everything more expensive porcelain drippers do and it's lighter, is easier to travel with and won't break the bank. It's compatible with the Able Kone as well.

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Everything that can be said of the Hario V60 dripper for pour-over brewing can be said for the inexpensive plastic Bonmac version. It is based on the same principles as the V60 with the main differences being the angle of the ridges inside the cone and of course, the material. This is also a cheap way to use an Able Kone without having to buy a Chemex. If you want to do low-cost pour over brewing or brew away from home, this dripper is the right choice.

You will need a kettle with a thin spout to get good results, because like the V60 this requires a controlled brewing technique. Oh, yeah, you will also need cone-shaped #2 filters like these ones or these ones.

Filtercone Brewing Tips and Instructions PageAvoid cleaning it with chemicals and abrasives. It will get scratched and cloudy if you try and scrub it too hard.