Bonavita Electric Coffeemaker

Bonavita Electric Coffeemaker


If a simple, hands-off approach to brewing a pot of coffee is what you want, this brewer will suit you well.

Choose either the 5 cup brewer or 8 cup brewer from the drop-down menu below.

Additional Info

Height/Width/Depth 12"H x 10.75" L x 6.5" W
Capacity 1.3 L (40 oz)
Material Stainless steel, BPA-free plastic
Filter #4
Volts/Watts 120v 1400w
Country of Origin China
Pros Brews great coffee quickly
Cons None
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


One of the few electric brewers approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, we tested the Bonavita brewer and found that it makes a very tasty cup of coffee.  Like the Technivorm brewers, the Bonavita has the water reservoir to the side, so water must actually boil to get out of the tank and does not rely on any type of pump.  We tested the temperature of the water coming from the shower head and it was right above 200°, within the ideal range of brewing temperatures. The shower head does a great job at saturating the grounds. The boiler automatically shuts off after a few minutes (after the brew cycle is complete).

Unlike the Technivorm, the user cannot access the basket during the brew process (we find that agitating the grounds as the basket begins to fill helps extraction) but still the results are good.  


The brew basket for the 8 cup model has a flat bottom and will need these filters

The brew basket for the 5 cup model takes standard #4 size cone filters, like the Filtropa #4 or the Bonmac bamboo #4.

Something we like about the thermal carafe is that the mouth is wide enough for easy cleaning.  Keep in mind this machine is mostly plastic, however it does the job that we feel all coffee makers should, but don't.

2 year manufacturer's warranty.