Bodum Replacement Beakers - Glass or SAN Shatterproof

Bodum Replacement Beakers - Glass or SAN Shatterproof


Choose between glass and shatterproof plastic. Shatterproof beakers are made of SAN material (BPA-free). These shatterproof beakers fit standard Chambord frames, so you can use this to replace the glass carafe of your Chambord press.

Additional Info

Capacity 4, 8, 12 cup
Country of Origin Portugual
Pros Simple & straightforward brewing method
Cons Not very well filtered


Note: For shatterproof beakers, you will need to replace the entire filter assembly with a Poly/Stainless Replacement Filterscreen. If you use the standard filter assembly in the shatterproof beaker, it will scratch the interior walls. Not the worst thing, but a bit unsightly and probably makes it harder to clean over time. Unfortunately, Bodum does not offer a warranty on these so please be careful when using your french press.

  • 4 Cup: 17 oz: 4" d x 5" tall
  • 8 Cup: 34 oz: 4" d x 7" tall
  • 12 Cup: 51 oz: 4¾" d x 7" tall