Air Roasting Starter Kit

Air Roasting Starter Kit


Everything you need to get started air roasting, this kit includes a FreshRoast SR500, an 8lb Green Coffee Sampler, ten 1/4 pound valve bags for storing your roasted coffee and a Sweet Maria's Roast Log for recording your roasts.

Additional Info

Batch Size 4 oz (90 grams) yielding about 3.5 oz (78 grams) of roasted coffee
Control Fan speed adjustment dial. Switch to set heat at high/,medium/low. Digital timer.
Roast Time 4-8 minutes
Heating Source electric element
Dimensions 11.5" x 7" x 7.5"
Volts/Watts 110v / 1500w
Weight 4.65 lb
Pros The SR500 is a great, dependable roaster; Included roast log will help you learn more with every batch
Cons You are restricted to smaller batch sizes with the SR500
Warranty The SR500 has a full 1 year warranty on the Base Unit. 6 month warranty on the Chaff Collector, Top Cap and Basket. Warranty void if used outside of North America.


This kit includes:

The Fresh Roast is a good choice for folks who want to get started with a machine that controls the heat, length of roast and it agitates the beans for you.

The Fresh Roast is easy to use, quiet, quick and a great value. It's the ideal roaster for a 1-person coffee drinking household (okay, there's enough for two folks).  If you are new to roasting, this is a great place to start, and if you move up to a larger machine, people have found the Fresh Roast to be a great back-up machine. The roast time is about 7 minutes for a Full City (medium-dark) roast, with a 3 minute cool-down cycle.  The Fresh Roast SR 500 has a 1/2 cup capacity, but for best agitation we prefer to use less, more like 1/3 cup (90 grams). Here's Tom's thoughts on how to best use the roaster on the details page.

Every roaster we sell ships with a tip sheet. Download the Freshroast SR500 Tip Sheet Here.