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Sweet Maria's Roasted Coffee Pairings

Sweet Maria's Small Batch, Craft-Roasted Coffee Selections

Sweet Maria's Coffee offers "coffee pairings": one pound each of two coffees chosen to highlight differences in origin, processing, or roast; to provide our customers the ability to study the flavor profiles of two coffees. This sort of comparison is what we do all the time. Tom does this formally when he cups a number of different coffee lots at the cupping table. In the warehouse we make a different coffee each time we brew a pot. Such a practice helps us focus on the flavor of the cup, to appreciate each coffee's uniqueness.

As of October 5 2011, we are carrying the roasted coffee as an in stock item - so we roast some coffee, sell it and ship it immediately. If we have roasted coffee, it will be in stock. When we run out - we run out. Shipping is no longer included in the cost and you can combine a roasted coffee order with other items. Just be aware that you want to pick a shipping method that will get the coffee there quickly.

(If you're interested specifically in roasted coffee for espresso, see our Roasted Espresso Page.)

If you roast your own, you might want to cup your roasts versus those done on the gas-fired German Probat roaster, and compare the "degree of roast" we have chosen for the specific coffees to your own. If you don't roast at home, well ... here's the next best thing! We post comments on the why and how of each week's selection on our Sweet Maria's Weblog ... and you can make comments too.

Roast Date
The Pairing
Selection No. 1
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Selection No. 2
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This coffee pairing is $27, and includes 1 pound each of the two coffees listed above (2 lbs. total) Shipping is not included.

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Ongoing Subscription Option

We are now offering an Ongoing Subscription to the Bi-Weekly Roasted Coffee Pairings. The price is $33 - 2 lbs. of roasted coffee and the price of Priority Mail shipping. Selecting this product means you agree that we will charge you $33 every two weeks on an Ongoing basis for Roasted Coffee Pairings - until you tell us to stop. (Please be sure that the USPS can deliver to the address you give us.) (International orders will incur additional shipping charges - we will contact you with the amount.)

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US Dometic Priority Mail Shipping is included.

If you can pick the order up at our warehouse, or you need shipping other than USPS Priority mail, select this option instead:
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You can also purchase a set of the next 4 roasted pairings (this week's, as well as the next three pairings listed on the menu below). The price is $132, and it includes one pound each of the two coffees for each week (4 shipments of 2 lbs each = 8 Lbs. total) and the price of Priority Mail shipping is included as well! (Please be sure that the USPS can deliver to the address you give us.)


Prices include 2#s of coffee and shipping. If you want other items, PLEASE place a separate order for just the roasted coffee.

If you can pick the order up every time at our warehouse - we do now offer the roasted coffee pairings at a discounted rate
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We discuss the "why and how" of each week's selection on Sweet Maria's weblog ... and you can make comments too. Please Visit!