This Page is for information only! I am sorry - we do not sell demo Pavoni hand-pull espresso machines and will not have them in stock again. Please look at our other Espresso Equipment and Solis SL-90 Espresso Machine and Solis Grinder! --Tom

La Pavoni Espresso Machines

Pro Model

Europiccola Model - in Chrome (EPC-8) or Brass/Copper (EPB-8) The Europiccola features a 1 or 2 shot basket, a manual steamer wand, an automatic milk frother, a tamper, a measurement spoon, an instruction booklet, an instruction video and a 6 month warranty. It features a 20 oz. boiler tank, enough to produce 8 2oz. espresso, 110v, 1000 watts, 14 lbs, 12" high. These are the EPC-8 and EPB-8 models, not the cheaper EPBB-8 Black Base models. The La Pavoni has a nickel-plated non-corrosive brass tank and long-life copper element, triple plated metals throughout, and each model is individually tested at the factory (hence the presence of some water droplets in the water-level viewing window. I almost hate to admit that I like anything "automatic" but the auto milk frothers on these are fabulous! Professional Model in Chrome (PC-16) or Brass/Copper (PB-16) Brass models tend to have more "character" , that is, visible nicks and scratches. The copper especially is soft and marrs easily. That is why copper is being phased out and all brass models will be out soon.Mechanically, the machines will be perfect. All the features of the Europiccola with the convenience of a pressure guage and an adjustable internal thermostat. The 38 oz boiler will produce 16 2oz espresso. 110v, 1000watts, 16 lbs, 12" height.

I am sorry do not sell demo Pavoni hand-pull espresso machines and will not have them in stock again. Please look at our other espresso equipment and Solis SL-90 Espresso Machine and Solis Grinder! --Tom

Pavoni Links:

I have added a new page with my own observations after a couple years of Pavoni usage. As noted on the page, I am not an obsessive "espresso-techie" but I hope some of my observations are useful. Also on this page I have scanned the parts diagrams and lists for the Lever model Pavonis, the Pro and Europiccola. I believe this is the only place they can be found on the net, and wanted to share them with you Pavoni devotees.

Note : this first link doesn't seem to be working consistently -Tom 4/19/99: Visit ...Dave Bayer's personal web page favoring the Pavoni and other hand-operated tools. A great resource but some of his contact data and prices info is outdated. Also, I personally do NOT recommend his procedure for modifying the PG grinder --I have taken apart used grinders and seen the effect of such modifications to the burrs. The PG can produce a good espresso grind starting at the 2 setting, and you should look into tamping and technique before potentially destroying the burrs on a PG grinder.

The Lair of the Chrome Peacock has just about all the information, kinks, a luscious pictures of the Pavoni that a person can bear. And the site looks great too! They have some very unique ideas about how to pull the shot on the Pavoni!

Are You Clean?

You need to keep your espresso machine impeccably clean for consistently good performance ...we offer Urnex Espresso Machine Cleaner in 20 oz. bottles and packets, as well as 2 types of Group Head Cleaning Brushes.

Pavoni Fuses

Ah ...fuse problems! Most Pavoni owners never even think about it. But a handful seem to always have fuse problems. First, make sure you are not aggravating the situation by leaving the machine on for long periods of time, or letting the water tank get low.

Really, fuses are not a big deal. You need to step up to a higher-temp. fuse, and replacing it requires only a phillips head screwdriver. Espresso repair people will sell you fuses for about $17 each. Really, they can be found at small appliance parts stores for around $7, or you can get them from me. I only sell the standard fuses, not the ones that can be reset. Read the fine print first:

1. Opening up your Pavoni voids any warranty. It seems silly to send a Pavoni across the country to replace a fuse, but that is the proper course of action. 2. Using a higher-rated fuse means there is less protection for your heating element. Burning out a heating element means your machine is basically shot. 3. Sweet Maria's is not reponsible for what happens to your machine by buying a fuse from us or taking our advice...proceed entirely at your own risk.

Fuses for La Pavoni Machines: $7 each (shipping wt .05 lb*). Please choose 117 C or 144 C. *If you are only getting fuses from us, you will be charged only exact shipping, probably less than $1 by USPS.

I am sorry do not sell demo Pavoni hand-pull espresso machines or fuses and will not have them in stock again. Please look at our other espresso equipment and Solis SL-90 Espresso Machine and Solis Grinder! You can get parts from --Tom

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