The Mazzer Mini Espresso Mill

...with espresso doser. It's an investment!

The Mazzer Mini is simply the best home espresso mill you can buy. There are so many well thought-out features on this mill, it is difficult to list them all ... you will simply discover them over time as every other happy Mini owner has. But at the center of it all is something called a stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment. The 58 mm hardened steel grinding discs are floated in a mount by 3 high-tensile springs. This allows for seamless, continuous grind adjustment. It does not rely on a mechanism to set the distance between the burrs that could slip during use, or needs recalibration. The total weight is over 23 pounds, and the motor is shock-mounted, meaning there will be no vibration. I have found there is no static electricity in the grinds, and the doser is sturdy, easy to use, and easy to adjust. They call this color Aluminio in Italy, but it is not made of Aluminum - it means silver. There are a couple other widgets included with the mill not shown in my pictures; the bolt on "tamper" and the grind-catcher tray are not really needed and just get in the way. The newest version of the mill features the "shorter" hopper - total height is 17" from base to top of hopper. The new models also include a stainless steel grounds tray and a power cord that comes out the bottom of the machine.

Mazzer Mini, Silver
with Mechanical Timer Switch
$659 (24 Lbs. Ship Weight)
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Ships from our supplier in upstate NY


Note: I wanted to photograph a clean new mill, not my dirty one ... but I forgot to put the tamper attachment, the grind catcher, and the grind adjuster arm on for the photos. These all come with the mill! Here's a complete photo.

Mazzer (an Italian company just outside Venice -I know ... it sounds German!) has built mills since the '50s and mostly manufactures larger commercial machines. With the Mini, you have commercial quality in a slightly smaller package. This raises perhaps the only downside of the Mini: where to put it. It is 19" tall, 7" wide, and 11" deep. You will probably want 22" min. to 26" ideal vertical space for it. This is a bit much for some kitchen counters with overhung cabinets.

The grind adjustment is smooth and easy, Here you see the mill chassis without bean hopper, and the adjustment dial looking down into the burr housing.

The doser is easily adjustable and has a ground coffee capacity of 200 grams or .44 lbs. The range of dose adjustment is 5.5 to 9 grams or ,19 to ,32 oz.

The Mini with timer features a really sturdy, large mechanical dial, which you can use as an on-off switch too by turning it one way or the other.

The top burr from the Mini set. The Mazzer Mini features a 58 mm commercial size burr set, mounted in a stepless spring-loaded housing. The motor turns these at 1600 RPM.

The bottom burr from the Mini set, in its housing. The burrs are hardened high-carbon tool steel. They have a life time of about 5 years under heavy usage. (We will stock sparest too).

The brilliant little details on the Mini are endless. I like these sturdy rubber feet that keep the mill in place, and perhaps help isolate it from static electricity.

The bean hopper has a gate to close it, so it can be removed for changing the coffee, cleaning, or to refill it. Capacity 600 grams, 1.3 Lbs.

Please note: our Mazzer Minis are not gray market! They have ETL certificates which conforms to UL specifications. Our mills are backed up for 1 year with parts and service by Sweet Maria's.