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These details apply to both the Baratza Encore and the Virtuoso, except where noted.

Some comments of fineness: Most folks grind coffee too coarse. In general, you want to grind as fine as possible without allowing sediment through your filter, or clogging up your espresso machine portafilter. This mill will allow you better control of the finer settings while still allowing for the coarser adjustments, like French Press. You can grind coffee finer when the grind is even. The Encore and Virtuoso will produce such a grind, which leads to better extraction and ultimately a better cup. We encourage you to push your filter-drip grind to a finer range with these mills and see the results. The PDF files for the Encore or Virtuoso include directions to clean the burrs. If you are stepping up to a conical burr mill from a whirley-blade mill, you might not be aware that you can't regrind coffee in any burr mill! In other words, you can't put ground coffee in the bean hopper and grind it finer - it clogs the burrs.

The Encore has a weighted plastic base.



Grind scale on the Encore mill

The Encore has a 40 click grind range from Espresso to French Press. you turn the bean hopper to adjust the grind

Switching from a blade mill to a burr mill? It goes without saying, but maybe it should be said ... with any burr mill you should never re-grind coffee. That is, only whole bean goes into the hopper.

Grind scale on Virtuoso mill (minus the hopper)

Easy access to the hardened steel conical burrs also means periodic cleaning, which is simple. Burrs are the core feature in a high-quality mill. While the design and ease-of-use are important features of the mill, it would all mean nothing without great burrs and this is what separates this mill from other expensive mills. .


The Encore burr set is housed in very tough high density polyethylene (same heavy duty plastics used in commercial cutting boards). It is easy to access and clean the burrs: you turn the grind hopper to the coarsest setting, lift it off, then lift out the top burr. If the burrs seem a bit loose in this position, don't worry. As you tighten the grind setting all the slack is taken out and they become rigid in their housings. The burrs are tool grade steel. They are not stainless, so you can see some discoloration on them, but that is normal.


Side view of Encore showing the timer knob: the mill measures 14H x 5”W x 6 ” D. This is a really handsome mill, something that is definitely not a detriment to the appearance of a kitchen countertop.


You activate the grinder using the dial on the side or the On-Off button on the front of the mill. It's easy to get consistent quantities by setting the timer on the Virtuoso. It is designed to be used either way, and will not break by advancing the dial forward.


Encore pulse button


Below the name on the front of either mill is a button - this is the pulse on-off button.

Virtuoso pulse button

While its not a dosing espresso grinder, the mill dispenses grind vertically: this means you can grind right into the espresso coffee filterbasket using the Pulse On-Off Button. So many mills shoot the grinds out the back of the base, horizontally: not good

The hopper is dark acrylic. The body and controls are well-designed and the materials are a plastic that doesn't show fingerprints: hey, you are paying for the great burrs here, not the wrappings...