The Bodum C-Mill ... economical, effective!

Bodum C-Mill
The C-Mill in White and Black

Bodum c mill Blade grinder
Inside view of the C-Mill

Everyone talks about "conical burr grinders" as a requirement for good coffee brewing. But the fact is that pour-over or automatic drip brewing does not require these expensive mills. The humble little blade grinder is a remarkable little machine, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and not $100! My only gripe with blade mills is that some struggle to grind even the smallest amount of coffee ... and if you have to grind for a longer time, the motor will start to heat up the coffee grinds -not a good thing. But the C-Mill electric coffee grinder has a very strong and precise motor. It beats the pants off the Krups or Braun mills out there, The coffee beans don't get crushed, but rapidly cut. important so the coffee isn't heated in the grinding process (which can damage the coffee flavor). The C-Mill grinds 1.6 oz of coffee at a time. It is 7" tall, about 4" in diameter.

Bodum C-Mill, White $25.50 add to cart

Bodum C-Mill, Black $25.50 add to cart