Rwanda Karenge Coffee Villages SWP Decaf

Rwanda Coffee VIllages turned out to be a great SWP option, bringing with it an inherent Bourbon sweetness, and slight fruit characteristics in the cup. The dry grounds smell of caramel and dried apple slices, and at Full City there's a nice dried Turkish fig smell. The aromatics continue to surprise us with strong smells of baked fruits, with pectin sugar and buttery sweetness - very reminiscent of a raisin cookie you could buy long ago, "Golden Fruit", anyone remember these (there's a British version called "Garibaldis")? The cup has a juiciness to body, and a sweetness in light roasts that is like cane juice. Flavors of raisin and a bit of Bosc pear come out in the cooled cup, along with a note of toasted caramel. This coffee has black tea qualities too, with a tea leaf flavor, as well as the tannic mouthfeel of heavily extracted black tea. Deeper roasts boast a bit of baked peach and toffee as well. Coffee Villages has amazing body, bolstered in darker roasts, which are ideal for SO espresso.

Country: Decafs
Region: Karenge, Eastern Rwanda
Grade: A1
Processing: Wet Process, then SWP Decaf
Crop: May 2014 Arrival
Appearance: .6 d/300gr, 15+ Screen
Varietal: Bourbon
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Medium-Bold intensity / Dense sweetness, malic fruits, tea-like brightness
Roast: City to Full City+ is ideal. Full City and beyond for an amazing decaf espresso.
Compare to:
Dry Fragrance 8.50
Wet Aroma 8.70
Brightness/Acidity 8.70
Flavor/Depth 8.60
Body/Movement 8.3
Finish/Aftertaste 8.50
Sweetness 8.10
Clean Cup 8.6
Complexity 8.50
Uniformity 8.20
Cupper's Correction 2.00
Total 82