Brazil Pedralva Fazenda Furnas SWP Decaf

This is our first Brazil that we've sent to Swiss Water, and it turned out really nice. It's a dry-processed coffee that cupped with bold fruit and sweetness as a regular, caffeinated coffee, so we weren't surprised to find much of that profile intact as a decaf cup. The fragrance has a smell of dried apple,coconut, and apricot along with a bit of cinnamon stick. Darker roasts develop a Baker's cocoa note and date sugar sweetness. The wet aromatics have cooked banana and more cinnamon, along with a malt sugar note and baked apple. For us, the cup in no way disappoints. It's very fruit forward, especially at City+ roast level, and flavor of apricot nectar and apple cider are front and center. There's a bit of black tea too, and comes off as such in the mouthfeel as well. There is lots of berry in the cool cup - blackberry, and raspberry, and blueberry to be exact. It's such a sweet coffee, and a sweetness which follows through to the long aftertaste. This is a Brazil, so acidity remains very low, but this decaf is complex in every other way. In the past we never thought of decaf coffee as something that could be light roasted, but these Swiss Water decafs turn such an idea on it's ear. Pedralva Fazenda Furnas cups very well at City+, and I'd bet it shines at City. And Full City and beyond brew so well, and will be great as a wild SO espresso.

Country: Decafs
Region: Pedralva, Minas Gerais
Grade: Estate
Processing: Dry Process, then SWP Decaf
Crop: May 2014 Arrival
Appearance: .4 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Medium to Bold Intensity / Complex fruits, pectin sugar, sweet finish
Roast: City+ to Full City+ works very well for this coffee as both brewed coffee and espresso
Compare to:
Dry Fragrance 8.60
Wet Aroma 8.70
Brightness/Acidity 7.90
Flavor/Depth 8.70
Body/Movement 8.4
Finish/Aftertaste 8.30
Sweetness 8.70
Clean Cup 8
Complexity 8.80
Uniformity 9.00
Cupper's Correction 2.00
Total 82