Espresso Workshop #31 - 3rd Level
Workshop #31 makes a nice brewed cup, with the Brazil and Guatemala coffees providing a base sweetness, and Yirga Cheffe balancing this out with acidity and complex high notes. Floral aspects really come through, especially in the wet aromatics and on the break. There's an ever-so slight nuttiness too, which come off as complimentary to sweetness and to the top notes. We cupped a City+ roast, and the sweetness was intense, bright acidity, and a syrupy mouthfeel. At Full City (verging on Full City+) this is incredible espresso. The Brazil provides a rich chocolate flavor complimented by viscous body - like a melted chocolate bar. The mouthfeel is super creamy, and a sweet, and with pointed acidity. Chocolate really is the highlight here, and while it's a fantastic SO espresso, this blend will hold us so well in milk drinks. The floral and citrus aspects found in the cup take a bit of a backseat in espresso. They are still there, but they truly are 'top' notes, not defining the base. These highlights take the form of citrus zest, lavender, and berry, all weaving in and out of the long finish.
Country: Blends
Region: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Grade: Tops
Processing: Wet Process (Washed), Dry Process (Natural)
Crop: 2014 Current Crop
Appearance: .4 d/300gr, 15+ screen
Varietal: Various
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Medium to Bold Intensity/Chocolate, roasted nut, florals, bright
Roast: City+ to Full City as brewed coffee; Full City to Full City+ for espresso.
Compare to:
Dry Fragrance 8.60
Wet Aroma 8.70
Brightness/Acidity 8.60
Flavor/Depth 8.80
Body/Movement 9
Finish/Aftertaste 8.50
Sweetness 8.70
Clean Cup 8
Complexity 8.70
Uniformity 8.00
Cupper's Correction 2.50
Total 83