Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir Blend

The dry fragrance has a strong rustic sweetness that's like Rapidura sugar at both light and dark roasts. It would be impossible to talk about this coffee without mentioning the intensely fruited aromatics. Dried apricot and peach, red berries, spiced apple, and ...the list is long, and the most complex at lighter roast levels, with slight florals compliments of the 2 Ethiopian coffees. At Full City+ there's pungent chocolate, charred sage, and a nice, sweet smell peanut sauce. Adding hot water brings about burned sugar, especially in our light roast, as well as malted chocolate, ripe fig, and berry pie filling. The cup is the culmination of all the intense aromatics, and more. Dense, thick body adds to the sense of "brooding" cup character here. Full City roasts produce a tarry dark molasses sweetness, thick inky body, and a smokiness in the finish that reminds me of chicory root. Moka Kadir has an "oily-ness" to it that coats the mouth, leaving behind a long finish dominated by fruit nectar and bitter-sweet chocolate. Moka Kadir is a true dual-use bland - filter drip as well as espresso. The latter will produce such creamy shots packed full of layered chocolate and fruit flavors. It's definitely on the wilder side of what we tend to think of as "classic" espresso profile, and is so sweet and complex.

Moka Kadir cups best after at least 48 hours ... we like to wait even 3+ days. Also consider that because the majority of the blend is dry processed, hand sorted coffees, it is not unusual for the roasted coffee to vary in color - some slightly lighter beans, some darker, and with a range of expansion. And I hate to say it but we find the occasional small rock in this coffee. Be sure to cull through the green and the roasted carefully. The small bean size of Yemeni and other coffees here can be problem in some drum roasters, such as Behmors with the large grid drum (oldest models - all the new ones have small grid drums). But, with the coffee in the drum, you can shake the drum before roasting to remove the few super small beans than might be lurking in the mix.

Country: Blends
Region: Yemen, Sidama, Yirga Cheffe
Grade: Top grades
Processing: Dry Process (Natural)
Crop: Current Crop Coffees
Appearance: 1d/300gr, 15 to 18 scr
Varietal: Heirloom Varietals
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Bold Intensity / Fruity, earthy, rustic sweetness, chocolate layers
Roast: City+ roasts will produce the most fruited profile; Full City and beyond will tone down brightness and underscore chocolate roast tastes. Darker roast levels make a great espresso!
Compare to:
Dry Fragrance 8.70
Wet Aroma 8.80
Brightness/Acidity 7.50
Flavor/Depth 9.00
Body/Movement 9
Finish/Aftertaste 8.30
Sweetness 8.70
Clean Cup 6.5
Complexity 9.00
Uniformity 7.00
Cupper's Correction 4.50
Total 83