Sweet Maria's New Classic Espresso

While this blend is designed primarily for a lighter roast, stopping the roast before 2nd crack, it also works well with a darker roast treatment. It does not have the extreme brightness that have been the trademark of some of our Espresso Workshop blends; it is a bit more restrained in it's overall demeanor. The cup has a balance between sweet and bittersweet flavors, moderate bright accent, soft traces of fruit, body and depth. The lighter roasts have a very sweet aromatic, fruited with plum and a hint of spice (cinnamon stick, cardamom). Darker roasts tend toward chocolate laced with dark fruit tones, in both aroma and cup flavor. Both have a firm, opaque body, with toasted almond roast notes as the espresso cools. In the aftertaste, peach tea flavor (and it light roasts a bit of jasmine tea) are evident. Of course, results vary with how the espresso machine and grinder are set up. We use 8.5 bars of pressure at the head, with 202 degrees water temperature (measured at the head) to start, dropping to about 198. At higher temperatures, it's a more aggressive espresso with a bittersweet edge and well-suited to milk drinks.

Country: Blends
Region: Various
Grade: Top Grades
Processing: Various Process
Crop: All current-new crop
Appearance: .6 d/300gr, 15-18 Screen
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Medium / Balance, complexity, moderate fruit, mouthfeel
Roast: We recommend a range of roasts from FC, FC+ to light Vienna. That means just ending the roast just before 2nd crack (FC), a few snaps into 2nd crack (FC+), or as second crack begins to gain some momentum (Vienna).
Compare to:
Dry Fragrance 8.50
Wet Aroma 8.00
Brightness/Acidity 7.50
Flavor/Depth 9.00
Body/Movement 8.5
Finish/Aftertaste 9.00
Sweetness 7.50
Clean Cup 7
Complexity 8.50
Uniformity 7.50
Cupper's Correction 6.00
Total 84