Sweet Maria's Espresso Monkey Blend

We blend this for body, balanced between high and low tones, chocolate roast flavors, and slightly rustic fruited accent notes. Those are our goals, that is the "spirit" behind the blend, and we check it to make sure it meets those targets. Our roast goal is in the beginning stages of 2nd crack ... we never "let it roll".

Country: Blends
Region: Various
Grade: Top Grades
Processing: Various Process
Crop: All current-new crop
Appearance: 15-18 screen
Intensity/Prime Attribute: Medium / Balance, complexity, fruit
Roast: I prefer Northern Italian style re: Illy's Normale blend. I like this blend best when the roast is stopped just as second crack becomes rapid, and shows no sign of slowing down. Actually, I like it a lot lighter than that too! I don't like this roasted to a dark, dark roast stage, Full French or Italian. This is because Brazilian coffees become ashy and began to bitter when roasted extremely dark. I believe strongly in a 36+ hour resting period before use for espresso extraction! It wont kill you to use it sooner... but you might notice sharp unpleasant notes.
Compare to:
Dry Fragrance 8.50
Wet Aroma 8.00
Brightness/Acidity 7.00
Flavor/Depth 9.00
Body/Movement 9
Finish/Aftertaste 9.00
Sweetness 7.00
Clean Cup 6.5
Complexity 8.50
Uniformity 7.50
Cupper's Correction 7.50
Total 85