Peru Las Delicias -Lucio Huaman

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region South America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHG
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 18 Screen
Weight 1 LB
I visited Las Delicias a few years back, and then again in late 2009. It was like walking into an enchanted forest. Corny but true. We wound our way up and up a long twisty road until we were at about 1600 meters, and a chill as in the air. When we finally leveled out a bit we came into something I can't describe as a town ... more like a tiny community where the home of the patriarch coffee producer Zenon Huaman Vargas. They are all Huaman here. It made such an impression on me, this little family-community, a place with no commerce, no store, and with such a strong multi-family group working together to improve their coffee, improve the quality of their lots to bring a better price, improve their lives. I imagine how groups of families bonded together homesteading the western US with the same spirit. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the coffee, and in another sense it has absolutely everything to do with the coffee. Brother Lucio's lot was the one that really impressed us this year, and was the highest-scoring coffee in the cuppings I did in Lima before we headed up to Cusco farm areas. The dry fragrance is has a clean fruited note, caramel, as well as a gardenia flower hint. The wet aroma has delicate sweetness, lightly caramelized sugar, and peach. It is a brighter cup, more dynamic, than our Peru small-farm coffees from Canelon, with a lighter body and effervescent quality. The lighter roasts are better with this coffee, having marmalade jammy flavors, ripe orange, and jasmine hints. The body is fairly light, and it finishes with apple-like sweetness. Full City roasts score well too, but the coffee tails off as you approach 2nd crack, so best to avoid it. As it cools the City roast has peach tea notes, fruit up front and then a tea-like dryness in the finish. This is best as a brewed coffee; I tried some SO espresso shots with it but found it a bit too bright and imbalanced for extraction.