Panama Esmeralda Gesha Lot 5

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Region Central America
Grade SHB
Appearance 0 to .4 d/300gr, 17-19+ Screen
Roast Recommendations This coffee roasts well between City+ and Full City. If you were inclined to take this a little darker, it is certainly the right lot to do it with given the price. But, like the other lots, you will experience more muted citrus bright notes at FC+. See the General Roast Notes too. Gesha Roast Pictures page
Weight 1 LB
(AKA The Cheap Lot, Relatively Speaking) We call it the "cheap lot" but that is all relative, in relation to the #2 and #3 lots. It is from specific plots (Hoguera and Frente Poldo) harvested over 2 months, Jan-Feb. It is an early harvest, from early in the crop, and from a lower altitude than #2. Nonetheless, from the very first whiff of the dry fragrance, you know this is a Gesha coffee. There are lemon bright scents that call out the special cultivar. With the wet aroma, you can see in side by side comparison the with more expensive lot 10, and the incredibly expensive lot 2, that the floral Gesha qualities are more muted here. Still, there no mistaking the lemony bright aromatics. The cup flavors are citrusy, with passion fruit tropical flavors as well. The body is light, but suits the coffee well, and there is a mild sweet nut roast tone. This lot is less acidic and more "rindy" in the citrus qualities. Still, I find it very aromatic, sweet, and attractive!