Panama Boquete Golden Peaberry

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Central America
Grade SHB, Peaberry
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 PB Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ (once again) is where you will experience the brightest and most dimensional cup, which is, after all, what makes it so special. Frankly, this coffee is fantastic anywhere after 1st crack through early 2nd crack.
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This was one of those happy, simple and rare coffee encounters ïï_ this lot basically fell on my lap. Well, to rewind a bit, we have been buying Lerida Estate peaberry for a few years and the mill who prepares that lot has some sense of what we look for in Panama coffee; vivid brightness, intensity, clean cup, character. So when this so-called Boquete Golden Peaberry dropped from the heavens I was quite happy. Golden? Hmm ... it's a pale, opaque turquoise green to me. But heck, they called it Golden when they sent the sample so Golden it is. It lacks the pedigree too; it's from 3 Boquete estates that were screened to remove PB at the request of Japanese buyers. Why? I don't know. Theoretically, when you cull out all one size of coffee, or remove all the peaberries, you end up with less physical and botanical diversity in the seeds your roast, and possibly more homogeneity in the cup. This selection of peaberry flies in the face of that notion, because it is quite viscous in body, and dimensional in the cup. The dry grounds have a strong intensity, fruited with a bit of fig, dark honey sweetness and butterscotch. The wet aroma has malty grain sweetness, a hint of fresh hay (not often a good thing in coffee, but here I mean it as a compliment), and a lot of honey. The cup flavors follow this same theme; balanced, syrupy, honey sweetness, toasted wheat and malt (C to C+roast), with the addition of a "peach tea" fruit dimension to the flavor profile. Honestly, I am getting some Snapple flavors here! The sample roasts stood up to a darker treatment too, and remained sweet through FC+ roast. Throughout, there are lemon accents to the bright end of the cup flavors, and "homemade honey lemonade" is an impression I am left with in the aftertaste. At C+ roast, I hope you get these flavors too, because as the coffee rests (3 days post roast) it really blossoms.