Nicaragua Finca Buenos Aires Caturra

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHG
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-19 Screen
Roast Recommendations This coffee works well on a wide range of roasts, City+ to Full City+, and a bit into 2nd crack as well. I am partial to the sweetness of City+ roast. I am testing FC+ roast as SO espresso too.
Weight 1 LB
Finca Buenos Aires Estates is a fairly large farm of about 215 hectares in the Jinotega growing region. We cupped through a few small lots from the farm and I was really impressed with the clean sweetness of this cultivar-specific batch. It is all Caturra, which is a cultivated mutation of Bourbon that occurred in Brazi in the mid '30s, but was planted in South and Central America mostly in the 1950s. Buenos Aires is a rather low farm compared to other origins we buy, with this lot coming from about 1200 meters. I found it very balanced, clean, moderately bright and very sweet, perhaps showing how relative farm altitude can be in relation to cup quality.
The Buenos Aires Caturra has an interesting dry fragrance, with a nice grain sweetness I would described as "honey puffed wheat cereal." There's a bit of maltose, caramel and milk chocolate, but as you add the hot water, the wet aroma shifts to a more floral scented coffee. General wildflower notes are present, with a bit of corriander and that honey-wheat cereal backdrop. I also had more apple notes and honeysuckle floral qualities when the coffee was cupped a day previous, on 12 hours rest post-roast. The cup is really delightful; clean and crisp brightness, red-apple fruit notes, and a succinct, sweetly-disappearing aftertaste. Sweet malty grain and honey, as suggested by the aroma, are the dominant roast taste at City+ level. It's a very restrained cup, balanced, but borders on being juicy in flavor and mouthfeel. It finishes with a nice light milk chocolate bittersweet. I am really happy with this coffee, such a nice "crowd-pleaser" cup profile, accessible, but with nice nuances as well.