Nicaragua Esteli - Nueva Esperanza

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Central America
Grade SHG
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations A versatile cup, for C+ to FC+ to even Vienna roast. Espresso potential. Expect relatively light roast surface color for the degree of roast you aim for ; this coffee doesn't color too darkly.
Weight 1 LB
The Nueva Esperanza cooperative group is in the Esteli state, an area where a lot of really nice Nicaragua coffees have been coming from. Though this coffee came from the excellent fair trade coop, Prodecoop, it's not a member coffee, but from a nearby group called Nueva Esperanza: Our Hope. These small prducers are from the communities of Venecia, La Laguna, and Robledal near the city of Condega, Esteli. It has been prepared and milled to Prodecoop standards. The member farms are 1200-1300 meters and together they form larger coop lots; this is no micro-lot coffee but part of a 60 bag chop. However I was impressed right away with the good balance of acidity, body, and roast flavor. I took it home for a morning brew the next day, and it's just a very attractive, crowd-pleasing cup ... there's no crazy pink passionfruit or watermelon jolly or what-have-you. Just a solid, balanced cup. The dry fragrance is very nutty at C+, and has more cocoa powder as you approach FC. (This is a nice darker roast coffee too, through light Vienna roast. I admit, I tested this coffee only at the , C+ and FC range, no darker, because the cup results seem so suited to a lighter treatment. Adding water, the wet aromatics have an additional milk chocolate sweetness, as well as the nut from the dry fragrance, and a malt-like sweetness. The lighter roast cup has an excellent apricot brightness to it, a almondy, nutty tonality to the roast taste, and almond-skin dryness. In the finish (and as the cup cools), it turns even more nutty-cocoa like. The body is light-to-medium, which suits the delicately balanced cup. It's a versatile and reliable cup, and actually pulled a decent ristretto shot at FC+ to Vienna roast.