Mexico Org. La Lagunilla Coop

A superb drinking coffee, with a mild profile of light brown sugar, roasted almond, and fading to bittersweet baking cocoa. This Mexico coffee shows great balance and cleanliness, two defining characteristics in the better coffees of the region. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.
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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Bourbon Types
  • Farm Gate No
  • Certifications Organic
Region Central America
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Patio Sun-dried
Arrival date Jul 23 2015
Lot size 50bags/boxes
Bag size 69.00kg
Packaging GrainPro liner
Certifications Certifications
Cultivar Detail Bourbon, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Typica
Grade SHB EP
Appearance .6 d/300, 15-17 screen
Roast Recommendations City+ - Full City+. This coffee is versatile and will hold up in the darker roast ranges.
Weight 1 LB
This lot comes to us from the cooperative of La Lagunilla in the small town of Cacolotepec. The cooperative society handles wet and dry milling for many of the small holder, Zapotec community, and this particular blended lot is made up of 40 different producers. Most farmers migrated out of Cacolotepec in the early 2000's, partly due to the highly volatile coffee market during that time. La Lagunilla was formed in 2003 in an effort to rebuild coffee as a viable income for their community, focusing their efforts on organic cultivation and ultimately obtaining organic certification. Production is "traditional", in that depulping is handled at the farms on hand cranked devices, then the coffee is fermented overnight, washed, and dried on mats. Altitude in the area is a range of 1000 to 1500 meters.
This lot from La Lagunilla is an approachable cup with an enticing fragrance of demurara sugar and cinnamon stick in the ground coffee. There's a nut note too that's like roasted almond, toasty sweet. The wet aromatics have the nutty sweetness of coffee-cake with almonds, and a healthy dose of toasted sugar. Full City roasts show an herbaceous, tarragon note too. The cup has unequivocal sweetness, peaking with brown sugar and butter, fading nicely into baker's chocolate bittersweetness in the finish. This is a balanced, clean cup, two things that we're looking for with Mexico coffees. There's nothing pungent about the cup, sugary aspects well within the range of raw to light brown sugar, and nut tones pleasing. It is 'coffee-like' in character, a core bittersweet 'warmth' to it, central to both light and darker roast levels. The type of coffee I will drink two cups of (yes, in a row!), and I think the Full City/FC+ roasts will produce classically-profiled espresso shots. You might try using this as a blend base too.