Mexico FTO ISMAM Chiapas

At City roast: Praline-toffee and malt syrup sweetness, orange hints. At FC+: tangy bittersweet roast notes.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Central America
Grade Alturra
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations Takes a wide range of roasts from City to Full City to Full City+. I preferred the lively, sweet, simple character of the lighter City roast.
Weight 1 LB
Chiapas is the southernmost state in Mexico, at the Guatemalan border. The coffees are distinct from the Oaxaca Plumas and Coatepec coffees: they are a little brighter, sweeter, and bear some resemblance to the Huehuetenango coffees of Guatemala. Oaxaca is my other favorite Mexican origin, but the really good Chiapas coffees like this one have been consistently excellent; a brighter and livelier cup. Many of the coffees from Chiapas are from small farms, cooperatively wet-milled and sold. We have offered the UDEPOM coop Chiapas for years. (UDEPOM, PROISH ... not the greatest names in the world). Here's another contender, ISMAM: Indigenas de la Sierra Madre de Motozintla. The cooperative has members from 100 small communities rannging from 1100-1600 meters for their arabica coffees, and approximately 8,000 family members benefit from the organization_‹_s existence at this writing. This is one of the earlier arrivals for '09 new crop, and sometimes I am wary about early shipments. But I found a classic Chiapas flavor profile in this cup; snappy brightness, clean, sweet, simple and straightforward. The dry fragrance has a praline nut quality, honey and "biscuit malt" syrup sweetness. The wet aroma has the same light malt syrup tone, with the addition of a bit of orange peel. I preferred lighter roasts with this coffee, but found the FC and FC+ roasts had pleasant bittersweet tang to them. But City roast was really sweet, caramelly, and the body, while very light, suited the bright cup character well. There's a toffee-like nut flavor, and orangey brightness. It's no Grand Cru coffee, not super complex, but a very attractive, sweet, simple cup that provides respite from the more exotic and high-intensity cups ...Yemeni coffees, DP Ethiopias, Kenyas, and their ilk.