Malawi Sable Farms Peaberry

Most complexity in light roasts, rustic sugar sweetness is accented by herbal notes of green tea and seaweed salad. Deeper roasting brings about more cocoa roast tone, and the herbaceous flavors are toned down. City to Full City.

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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Farm Gate No
Region Malawi
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-dried
Lot size 20
Bag size 60 KG
Packaging GrainPro Liner
Cultivar Detail Catimor, Catuí, Caturra
Grade Estate
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15 PB screen
Roast/Brew Recommendations All Roast Levels, Drip Brewing, French Press
Roast Recommendations City roasts are most complex, and have a green herbal side that comes off strong, and darker Full City roasts are much more cocoa-centric - big body across this roast spectrum

This is the first Malawi coffee I think we've had on our site. Part of the reason is that we see very little offer samples from the region, and haven't really made an effort to source coffee directly in any way. Coffee was brought to the region in the 1800s by missionaries, and planted mostly in the southern regions, which is still the case today. What started as mainly a small-holder system, is now split between small farmers selling their coffee to cooperatives, and a few larger estates who process their own coffee, as well as buy from local farmers. Sable Farms is one such estate, and one of the larger exporters of coffee in the country. Elevation in the country is much lower than neighboring Tanzania, and lower elevation (800 - 1200 meters) means the coffee is more susceptible to diseases like "La Roya", and you see disease resistant strains like Catimor planted alongside Caturra and Catuaí trees. We have not visited this farm, but from what we understand, they have a nice, modern system, with drip irrigation on the farm, covered drying patios, and eco water filtering systems in place in order to re-use the water used to process the coffee. We tasted a large bean (AA/AAA) offer from the farm, as well as this peaberry, and settled on the latter as we found it to be a sweeter cup at a wider roast range, which also helps to tone down the herbaceous cup qualities that are inherent to Catimor cultivars.

A muted sweetness comes through in the dry ground coffee, mild dark sugar smells accented by dried herbal hints. The aroma has a chocolatey scent in the steam from the crust, and smells of roasted corn and dried basil are interjected when running your spoon through it. This coffee's herbal side really comes through in the brew. City roasting highlights interesting greenish flavors that come off like seaweed salad with green tea leaf aromatics. It's most complex at this roast level, rustic sugar sweetness, subtle tea-like vibrance, and a dried persimmons hint accenting the aftertaste. At Full City most of this herbal side is traded for bittering cocoa flavors. It actually tastes like a different coffee and will appeal to those looking for more of a sweet/bittersweet body coffee, a "daily drinker" type. This is a big-bodied brew too at all roast levels, particularly inky with more roast development.