Kenya Thika - Gethumbwini Peaberry

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade "Fly Crop" Auction Lot
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 17+ PB screen, some flats
Roast Recommendations City+ or Full City. I enjoyed both but Full City most (the verge of 2nd crack without going into it) had a very deeply sweet aspect - the total package!
Weight 1 LB
Here's a name I was looking for in the auctions. We have had good success with Gethumbwini coffees in the past. There's no great shortage of lots of this coffee though. The farm is big, a true Estate. But many Gethumbwini lots I cupped have been lacking, and in fact I rejected a sister lot of the exact same coffee, shipped at the exact same time. That lesser lot had noticeable les brightness, and a slight hard, musty aftertaste. It just goes to show that this (like any agriculture product) is never a sure bet when you scrutinize it for quality at this level. However this lot came in stellar. It is from the end of the "Fly Crop" which is what a smaller second harvest is called in Kenya. In some areas there is little off-season harvest, but Thika area seems to have more considerable flowering and cherry, resulting in a mini-crop. Don't ask me to explain why they call it Fly Crop... It is a ripe, deeply-fruited Kenya, not they Nyeri type coffees that have screaming citrus brightness. The cup has an almost candylike sweetness in the wet aromatics, lushly fruited with a winey accent. There's an agressive finish too, a hint of herb and fresh leather. It's as if there is a slight Indonesia streak running through the finish of this cup. The City+ roast has a toasty caramelly quality in the aroma that comes right through in the cup flavor, with ripe red grape. Juicy is a descriptor that makes a lot of sense in characterizing the cup. My Full City roast seemed to have more body than lighter roast levels, and had more moderate, more winey acidity. I like the slightly darker roast,which had a more berry (blackberry) fruit quality to it. The finish on FC roast was blackberry syrup, very nice.