Kenya Nyeri Ndiaini AB

Ndiaini has a blueberry flavor, with tart beet juice note, and berry skins. A grabby citrus flavor develops, which defines acidity too, like the tang of the inside of an orange peel. Herbal tarragon leaf note in the finish. City to Full City. Dark roasts make intense espresso. 

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  • Process Method Wet Process Kenya Type
  • Cultivar Bourbon Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Nyeri County
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-Dried
Arrival date Jul 24 2017
Lot size 30bags/boxes
Bag size 60
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail SL-28
Grade AB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 15-17 Screen
Roast Recommendations City to Full City; brightest cups C+ and lighter
Type Farm Gate
Recommended for Espresso Yes

Kenya Nyeri Ndiaini AB is from the Ndiaini Factory, "factory" in Kenya being synonymous with what we call a wet mill. The factories are cherry collection and processing sites where the local farmers who are cooperative members are able to sell their harvested coffee as whole cherry, and it is then processed using depulping machinery, fermentation and washing tanks, and then laid out to dry in the expansive array of drying tables adacent to the wet milling area. Ndiaini is one of several factories that are all part of the Rumukia Farmers Co-operative Society (Kiawamururu, Tambaya, and Thunguri are a few others we've bought in the past) who collectively share agronomical and business management resources. This is the AB outturn of a particular process batch from Ndiaini, meaning all the coffee that fall between 15 - 17 1/64ths of an inch screen sizes are separated out and sold under this grading. We liked the fruit-forward nature of the cup, and so settled on this particular outturn. They implement hand picking at the dry mill, which is apparent when looking at the quality of the green coffee, where very few physical inconsistencies can be found.

Ndiaini has really big fruited smells and flavors, especially considering that it's a fully washed coffee. Dark stone fruit and winey berry smells come through in the fragrance of the dry ground coffee, which come off as jam-like when adding hot water - warm fruit reductions, berries and grapes being cooked down with raw sugar. Brewing up City roasts blueberry flavor, a tart beet juice note, and berry skins that have a mouth tightening effect. As the cup continues to cool in temperature a grabby citrus flavor develops, which defines acidity too, like the tang of the inside of an orange peel. A green herbal note makes an appearance in the finish too, and with typical bittering undertones, has a similarity to tarragon leaf. Full City roasting builds a chocolatey/berry mix, and pulling an espresso with a couple days rest yielded an intensely bittersweet espresso shot, with a tart grape flavor shadowing closely, and faint licorice aromatic accent on the exhale.