Kenya Kirinyaga -Karinga Peaberry

A bright-yet-balanced cup, well-fruited with sweet orange marmalade, jammy strawberry notes, silky body, spice accents. City to City+.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade Peaberry Main Crop Auction Lot
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17+ screen PB screen
Roast Recommendations See notes above. City to City+ was the best cup for me.
Weight 1 LB
This is the second of two Kirinyaga peaberry lots we are offering this season. This lot is from one of the cooperative coffee societies, Kabare FCS in Kerugoya town, which give smallholder farmers an outlet for their harvest. There are quite a few Estates in the area, and while "Coffee Estate" sounds good, and in the '90s everyone wanted all their coffee to be "Estate" coffee, many in Kenya are owned by multi-nationals. It's good for small-holder locals to have the option of cooperatives, rather than selling cherry to large outfits. Anyway, we buy based on the cup, and this one is really sweet and compelling: The dry fragrance is of interest for some shifty little contradictions: sweet fruit, peach and mango, and then a juniper scent, piney, resinous, interesting! Adding hot water, the wet aroma has the same complexity between sweet fruits, tending toward strawberry, and a lively accent of spice at FC roast. The City+ roast clearly has the brighter fruited dimension, and the FC to FC+ is showing the more resinous side, juniper, spice. It's an interesting shift in flavors dependent on roast level. I get sweet orange marmalade as the cup cools and more jammy strawberry. Amazing how much better the Peaberry is from the AA (which we did not buy). Also, this lot was shipped with our special bags lining the inside of the traditional jute bag, and the green coffee has an amazingly fresh, vibrant smell. Overall, I like the rounded balance of this cup, with nice silky smooth body, and moderate fruit tones without the bright citrus notes that (while the mark of some excellent Kenyas) can be hard to drink on a daily basis. I think the lighter roast is superior, City to City+, with caramel sweetness and no grainy notes of light roast. But I did enjoy the slight pungency and spice of FC/FC+ as well.