Kenya Kiambu Japem Peaberry

City+ roasting pulls out turbinado sugar sweetness, and fruited highlights of red grape, fig, and a slightly tart tamarind hint, followed by a spiced finish. Big fruited notes at a wide roast range. City to Full City.

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  • Process Method Wet Process Kenya Type
  • Cultivar Bourbon Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Processing Wet Process Kenya Type
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-Dried
Arrival date August 2018 Arrival
Lot size 4
Bag size 60 KG
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail SL-28
Grade PB
Appearance .6 d/300g, 15+ Peaberry screen
Roast Recommendations City to Full City will yield a complex Kenya cup
Type Farm Gate

Kiambu lies near the foothills of Gatamaiyo Forest Reserve, and at the border of neighboring Muranga County. This is one of a few small estate coffees we were lucky enough to buy this year, coffees we had no direct connection with in the past. We tend to buy from the Farmers Cooperative Societies ("FCS"), and still do. But buying from a single estate affords us a different and unique opportunity to select coffee that we can trace back to it's exact provenance, whereas with the FCS's, you're buying a blend of hundreds and sometimes thousands of small holders. This is certainly not a bad thing as some of our finest Kenyas are through FCS's, just different. We still turn to the coops for the majority of our coffee, but are hoping to continue to cultivate buying relationships with a small number of Kenyan small estates as well. This is the peaberry outturn, a separation of the small beans that are the result of one embryo dying off in the coffee cherry, and the other surviving. They're almost perfectly round, quite dense, and thought to be slightly wilder than their flat bean counterparts. I'm not sure if the last part is true, but Japem Peaberry certainly produces a much more fruit-forward cup than the AB we also picked up.

City and City+ roasts produce a peach accent in the dry fragrance, and brown sugar sweetness is persistent, as are spiced elements, albeit on the milder side. The wet aroma has fruit filling smells, dark berry cooked with raw sugars, and a hint of citrus. City+ roasting pulls out the best of both worlds, a backdrop of turbinado sugar sweetness, and dark fruited highlights. The cup cools to top notes of red grape, fig, and a slightly tart tamarind hint. The finish has a faint 5 spice accent, as well as a sort of fruity tobacco flavor in the long aftertaste. Darker Full City roasting yields a creamy-bodied coffee that conveys rich dark chocolate, and interwoven with wisps of blueberry jam, and cranberry sauce.