Kenya Auction Lot #425 Karimikui Peaberry

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade Peaberry Main Crop Auction Lot
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 17 screen PB screen
Roast Recommendations See notes above.
Weight 1 LB
In brief, here's another interesting Peaberry from Krinyaga district, a small lot, and an incredible bright cup. I know, there are so many Kenyas to chose from tis season. But this lot is a precious little pearl too (and not just because of the little round shape). The cup has a very sweet and floral dry fragrance from the grounds, with malt/sweet bread. The wet aroma is very sweet and citric with ripe pineapple, while in the cup this coffee is ruby red grapefruit all the way. Even the finish has that twist of citrus-grapefruit rind, giving it a more aggressive, twist-your-tongue effect as it passes from the palate. There's a hint of parchment dryness in the cup that emerges as it cools, and glazed almond roast tone at City+ roast. Surprisingly, there's a molasses sweetness at FC roast. This coffee can certainly hold up to a darker roast treatment, FC, FC+, a bit of 2nd crack, if the City-to-City+ roasts are too shrill, screaming, high-toned. But it's a shame to eclipse the true origin character, which is keyed in very bright octave, by masking it with roast. We cupped some AA and AB lots from Karimikui this season too, but none had this level of brightness and complexity. On top of that, it is very reasonably priced for an Auction Lot Kenya!