Kenya AA Nyeri Tambaya

This lot is grown at 1550 m. altitude, in the fertile foothills of the Mt. Kenya and Aberdare ranges. This elegant, balanced cup has pink grapefruit citrus, jasmine tea floral notes, and a light brown sugar sweetness. At City+, ripe Mandarin orange flavors dominate with a layer of warming spices. As it cools, toasted almond essence comes out, peach and apricot stone fruits, Earl Grey tea in the finish. City to Full City.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Africa
Farm Gate Yes
Grade AA
Appearance .2 defect per 300 grams, 18 screen
Roast Recommendations City to Full City; for a Kenya, Tambaya is a milder coffee in terms of acidity and can be presented with a lighter roast. I noticed that in drum roasters a faster, more aggressive roast treatment was better for this coffee.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
Tambaya is one of the Coffee Factories (wet-mills that are organized as cooperatives) within the Rumukia Coffee Farmer Society in Karatina area of Nyeri. Tambaya is close to Mukurwe-ini, and was formerly part of this society until it fell apart in the '90s. Within the same Rumukia group are some other fantastic farms we have offered in the past: Kiawamururu, Gatura, and Thunguri to name a few. The area of Tambaya is 1550 meter altitude, in the fertile foothills of Mt. Kenya and Aberdare ranges. The Tambaya coop has 1093 members and the average number of coffee trees per member is just 250. Again, in Kenya coffee "societies" the farmer's plots are so small, they are measured in numbers of trees, not in area of land as they are in other coffee origins. But this means that co-ops provide micro-management of every coffee tree by the owner of the land, not by a large-scale agriculture operation like the big estates of Kiambu or Thika. The member farmers have the two preferred coffee varieties under cultivation, SL-28 and SL-34, with the vast majority of trees being SL-28. Tambaya has a lush dry fragrance with vanilla notes, warm spice, caramel-vanilla and very sweet fruited notes. There is a peach apricot scent, but in a jammy/candy-like form, not the real thing. The wet aroma has a wine-like fruited tone, and a sweet berry syrup scent as well. There's a dash of spice in there, cinnamon with a bit of mace. The cup is outstanding and rather elegant too; bright, alto-tones yet with balance. There are pink grapefruit citrus notes, jasmine tea floral flavors, and a light brown sugar sweetness in the lighter roasts. At City+ level, ripe Mandarin orange flavors dominate, with a layer of warming spices. As it cools, toasted almond essence comes out, peach and apricot stone fruits, Earl Grey tea in the finish. And yet it is improbably sweet from start to finish, the sweetness of mature, ripe fruits. On my last pass at the cupping table, I found myself simply drinking this irresistibly delicious coffee (rather than spitting, which we do to avoid getting over-caffeinated!) While lightest roasts have a bracing finish, it is milder and more "rounded" in acidity (as opposed to a sharp, prickly acidity) than some of our other lots, and complex in it's estery floral and fruit characteristics as well. The Tambaya is one of a handful of Kenyas with the right flavor profile to work well in espresso, either straight (if you like bright, dynamic espresso) or as an aromatic component in a blend.