Kenya AA Auction Lot WP Decaf

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade Auction Lots
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City - City+: The coffee works at all roast levels, but with proper rest the complexity is at it's acme a bit lighter. At this lighter level, the coffee won't look as pretty as it does at FC+, more surface texture and patchy coloration.
Weight 1 LB
Water process decafs have really performed amazingly well, and some of the brightest coffees, Ethiopia Yirgacheffes and Kenyas, have been among my favorites. Here is an Auction lot Kenya that has retained it's punctuated, bright character, which would be considered something of a miracle with the older water decaf methods. Normally, a Kenya decaf would come from a bulk lot, but in this case it is from top tier Auction Lot coffees, and I think it shows in the cup. But Kenya Auction coffees come in small lots, so to have enough to send to the decaf plant, 5 had to be combined. We initially had this as a peaberry lot - now it is just the regular beans - same coffee, same farms. They are: Tassia Coop from the Ruiru district, Giogio from Thika region , Fairview Farm from Kiambu area, Chania Coop from Thika, and Ndumberi from Kiambu. The dry fragrance is a bit odd (as are many decafs; they can be a bit incongruous with the cup flavors); it has a "canned fruit" aspect, but has nice orangey notes with strong caramel sweetness. The cup has a key lime brightness at City to City + roast, turning to a more ripe citrus sweetness at FC roast. And with a little more roast, the cup has a better balance between the bright notes and caramel sweetness. But C+ is where it's Kenya character is at it's best; unrepentantly bright! In both roast levels, there is a good malty note, and a complimentary spice; corriander and mild anise hints. When I recupped I felt the fruity citrus note was much more of a sweet Meyer Lemon than the more aggressive Key Lime I found initially, but this pretty much describes the range of brightness you can expect here. Mouthfeel is light and refreshing, appropriate for this bright cup, and there is a sweet floral aspect that is suggested in the wet aroma, and reappears as the cup cools.