Kenya AA Auction Lot #758 -Hiriga

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Africa
Grade AA
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 18 screen
Roast Recommendations A City+ roast has the most lively cup, but see my notes above.
Weight 1 LB
Hiriga is a cooperative "coffee society" for small farmers located on the plateau around Mount Kenya, between the towns of Nyeri and Karatina. The region is on the leeward side of Mount Kenya and despite the forests, it suffers occasional drought during the dry season. In fact, coffee needs a dry season as much as it needs good altitude, temperate climate and well-draining soil. This area, and Nyeri in particular, is the locus of some distinct Kenya coffees, in particular, bright citrus/floral cup character. In this regard, Hiriga has plenty! The cup has an amazing balance between the sweetness of tropical fruit, and the sweet/sour notes of citrus. It starts with some very unique fragrances from the dry grounds: white cake and sweetly honeyed flower. There is a dark purple grape juice too, with dark currant. Adding water, the wet aromatics began to reveal the caramel/panela (brown sugar cake) aspect. There is bright lemon aroma from the City roast cups, and then grapefruit rind - very lively and nippy aromas, whereas C+ to FC has sweet blood orange citrus. What strikes me first in the cup is a very clean thyme herbal quality, but I don't get that as much as the coffee cools. Overwhelmingly, the flavor alternates between orange and a sweet lemon (I wrote lemon custard actually). The body is not heavy, but seems a bit creamy/waxy too. There is a range of tropical fruits in the flavor, especially passionfruits (passiflora), granadilla and maracuya (collectively known as members of the "booger fruit family"). In the finish, it remains lively, and the dark currant, raisin sweetness comes out. It is a classic Nyeri coffee in it's intensity, wild aromatics and brightness. I prefer City+ roast, which has a more brown sugar and caramel sweetness than the darker Full City+ roast I tried. It can take an FC+ roast or darker, but you end up with a Peets style of Kenya, a bit sweaty tasting.