Getting Started Roasting Coffee at Home

Home roasting is as simple or as complicated as you care to make it. Starting with quality green coffee means you are already half way to a great cup of coffee....

There are many ways to roast coffee, from home appliances made specifically for this purpose, to simple pan roasting. Most methods are simple and the results are excellent! Once you pick a roasting method that is right for you, you need to pick some green coffee beans, and learn a bit about what to watch for while you are roasting. That's it!

One of the simplest D.I.Y. methods of home roasting is to re-purpose a hot Air Popcorn Popper.If you're pretty sure home roasting is something you want to get into, you might consider an air roaster or drum roaster. See the General Guide to Home Roasting for help choosing a the right roaster for you and for complete D.I.Y. instructions.


We suggest the 4 lb. Sampler as a starting place. We select the samples to help you draw out the major differences in flavor between regions and provide a relatively even roast. From there, browse our region information and coffee offerings to narrow down which coffees you'd like to try next. If you need more help, our Choosing Green Coffee FAQ will help take the mystery out of selecting.


Understanding the different stages will help you control the flavor of your cup and appreciate how different coffee beans benefit from different roasts. See the General Guide to Home Roasting - In a Nutshell for the overall roasting process.



Our Coffee Library Covers These Topics and Much More:

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