India Robusta - Jeelan Estate Sitara

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Region Asia
Grade Kaapi Royale +
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17+ Screen
Roast Recommendations Robustas need a minimum of Full City++ meaning the coffee has audibly reached 2nd crack, and I prefer 460 probed bean temperature (external) which is a Vienna stage. This coffee needs a lot of rest after roasting, such as 4+ days!
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
Jeelan Estate is quite near the source of the Nirali coffee we stock from Sethuraman Estate. And there's a bit of a friendly rivalry between the owners, Nishant of Sethuraman and Mohan of Jeelan estate. They each want to produce the best quality Robusta, and both farms are solely dedicated to top Robusta yields and quality; they don't grow arabicas. This lot of single-origin, wet-processed, Kaapi Royale (absolute top grade) robusta for your espresso blends. Interestingly I have found that at FC+ roast or a light Vienna, you can make a very interesting French Press of this coffee. Yes, 100% robusta from a French Press, unthinkable with commong robusta coffees that are poorly processed and reek of burnt rubber flavors in the cup. Here the cup is extremely low acid, full of baker's chocolate, very intense, and a good candidate for a little cream and sugar. (Did you ever think you would see that written on Sweet Maria's website?!) The preparation is outstanding and the roast is very even. Of course, this is offered primarily for espresso blend use. It's an excellent, reliable robusta for this purpose, adding body, crema and intensity to the cup. It especially aids the ability of an espresso blend to "cut through" the milk flavors in Cappuccino and Latte. As with the other robustas, I would keep Robusta below 15% in an espresso blend but because of the quality of this robusta, you can go up to 25% before it starts to overtake to cup too much. Robustas have less aroma that arabicas, but this lot actually has a nice, dark, mild, pungent bittersweet note to it, with an extremely long aftertaste. It is ideal for Continental style espresso blends, Northern Italian or Southern Italian styles where intensity and pungency is desired, and mild delicate notes are not the goal of the blend.