India Anohki Coffee (Liberica)

An intense coffee, odd blueberry sweetness and honey, rustic chocolate, anise, low acidity, bizarre! City+ to Full City
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Asia
Farm Gate Yes
Grade MNEB
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 18+ Screen
Roast Recommendations City to City+ is preferable in my opinion (see review), and a longer roast time helps moderate medicinal tones in the darker roasts. Note that the green coffee has a varied color appearance but roasts to a fairly even color despite this.
Weight 1 LB
"Anohki" means "unique, and you will know it is indeed unique as soon as you grind this; an explosive dry fragrance is released, loaded with fruit, and some distinctive notes that push the line between pain and pleasure. Think of exotic cheeses, beers made with wild yeast strains, over-the-top Syrahs. One thing for sure, you know when you taste this you are tasting a different species here! These liberica trees are huge, more than 20 feet tall with massive trunks (unlike the shrubby form of most arabica cultivars). Because tall ladders are used for harvest, the local custom is to only allow men to harvest this coffee. It is estate grown, and was basically reserved for local consumption, partly due to the very small amount of the total harvest. Perhaps we have a coffee-equivalent o f those other edgy, challenging, over-the-top foods and wines here, not for any particular reason but for the general fact that it challenges orthodox thinking of what a "good cup" is. Okay, what I mean to say is that, along with rustic blueberry I smell barnyard cowpies here. Seriously ... I don't know how else to describe it. I think of aged cheeses when I smell the dry aroma but I am not sure specifically why, perhaps simply as an analogy than any particular sensory reason. There's something naughty about the wet aromatic, one one hand so Harar-like, even a rough sweetness along with the fruitiness. But there's that difficult cowpie note, with suggestions of robusta smell. Of course, it's not robusta at all, and as distinct from robusta as it is from arabica. If your friends and loved ones haven't sought refuge in another room yet, it's time to invite them to the tasting. And this is where you might stop regretting that you bought a pricey coffee that stinks ... if your nose has adjusted to these smells then your palate will find the transition quite easy. And still, the cup is so different from anything else I have experienced; it really hits you like a ton of bricks. My preferred roast is far and away the City to City + range, where the fruit qualities, rustic blueberry, sweet tobacco, herbs and chocolate, are at their best. As I roast toward FC+, and a tad into 2nd crack, the coffee has a thick, opaque quality, overpowering, has lost some of the fruited qualities, and has a somewhat medicinal roast taste. There's a kind of tightness, and astringency here, that I don't like so much, whereas in the light roasts it comes off as a tea-like quality. There is certainly an unusual chocolate here, which reminds me a bit of Ibarra Mexican Chocolate. If there was such thing as Belgian Blueberry Stout, perhaps that would be the beer-world equivalent. After a long rest (like 5+days) the fruited notes become very licorice/anise-laced, and the overall impression is quite sweet! In all, I don't know if you will love this coffee or hate it. It's a challenging coffee to evaluate, to score (it's too funky and off-kilter to gain high numerical scores but I feel justified to add +5 cupper's correction for pure intrigue and uniqueness). I feel compelled to offer Anohki, because unlike Kopi Luwak (aka poop coffee) and other heavily hyped lots, Kopi Luwak is just a boring and bad cup, period. Anohki Liberica is an intense flavor experience. Here is a rare coffee available only in small amounts, and a totally unique experience (not a subtle one at that), and you won't forget this coffee.