Featured Incoming Coffee Lots

Here's a preview of some coffees that are on their way to our warehouse. It's hard to post specific arrival dates because there are a lot of variables affecting when coffees will actually get here but we'll do our best to post updates so you can know when to expect a re-stock of your favorite origin. Please keep in mind that it may take a few days for us to actually post coffees for sale after we receive them and we may stagger the sale dates of coffees from a shipment arriving from an origin country. For example, if we were to receive a dozen coffees from a specific origin, we would probably add a few at a time to our site.


August 27, 2018
- A full container of fresh Colombian coffees are clearing the Port of Oakland this week, and we hope to have the first lots available by second week of September.

- We do have a few more fruit-forward dry process Ethiopian coffees in the wings, scheduled to arrive early Fall. Of course we have plenty of Wet Process Ethiopia lots too, and expect at least one more to hit the site before the end of August.

- Nyeri and Kirinyaga coffees just landed, and we'll be trickling AA, AB, and Peaberry lots on the site well into the Fall/Winter months.
- We have a small amount of Sumatra Raja Batak Peaberry and Mutu Batak booked for late September, or first week October. Tom also just returned from Indonesia and selected coffees from Flores, Sumatra, and Java, and we will start on Timor very soon too. The first part of this shipment should arrive by October/November. 
- Yemen coffees are also on the horizon, about 100 bags of dry process regional blends scheduled to land at the Oakland port in late September.
- For blends, a long awaited return of Moka Kadir will happen once the Yemeni coffees arrival.