HotTop Coffee Roaster:
General Home Roasting Observations from Sweet Maria's

New- Download and Print this Tip Sheet in a Single Page .PDF Format. There is more information about using the HotTop Programmable on this page.

  • Read your owners manual for the HotTop before using. This is a supplemental “tip sheet” ...and does not include important parts of the the HotTop instructions. The manual is very thorough and very good. The most recent copy of the manual is available as a PDF from the website.

  • Be safe! Never leave the room while you are roasting coffee, even though the roaster is automated. The most recent versions of the machine require a human presence - you need to be present to push a button at key moments (temperatures) in the process - otherwise the beans will eject. Before roasting, make sure the machine is on a level surface.

  • Coffee roasting produces a fragrance and smoke, less obtrusive with light roasts but smokier if you roast dark. Operating any type of stove hood fan helps if the smoke is too intense for you. You can roast on a porch or near a partially open window weather permitting. But cold temperatures will effect the roast, and may make the roast stall completely! As a larger capacity 1/2 Lb. roaster, the HotTop will produce more smoke than other home roasters. Venting is mandatory: we recommend using the machine under a stovetop hood vented to the outside.

In a nutshell, here is the roasting process you will be observing:

The roaster diagram comes with the HotTop roast booklet. The book is very informative.

From the HotTop roast booklet. As you can seethe cooling tray comes right off it's spindle for easy transfer.

Another bonus: this roaster is so easy to disassemble. Cleaning the front glass view window from the inside takes 30 seconds. Drum removal takes 2 minutes.

Here are some images of the HotTop drum, and how ti is removed from the drum chamber. It is very easy...

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