Honduras Organic Marcala -Cocosam Coop

A mild, restrained flavor profile, with dry-roasted peanut and almond aromatics, honey in the aroma, almondy roast taste, lemon grass herbal brightness, malted milk ball sweetness fading to drying nut skin finish. City+ to FC+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations C+ is the roast I describe above. My FC+ roast was nice, much more cocoa and chocolate than the C+ .
Weight 1 LB
This lot is produced by a co-op called COCOSAM (Cooperativa Cafetelera Sanmarquena) from the Western region of Honduras known as Maracala, more specifically San Marcos de Colon. We have been buying COCOSAM blended lots for several years and have grown quite confident this is one of the best coops in Honduras. Marcala region has the advantage of an ideal climate to grow, process and dry coffee really well, the latter being a critical deficiency in other parts of the country that are more humid and wet. If you don't dry coffee really well, and give it a long "reposo" in parchment after, the cup flavors will fade and baggy notes will emerge prematurely. Honduran coffees have a bad reputation for going baggy, but our COCOSAM lots have been incredibly long-lasting for years. We share this coffee with the main buyer, Allegro Coffee, who has done much to support quality improvements at Cocosam coop over the years.
This is a balanced, mild, somewhat "restrained" flavor profile, but I love the nutty tones in the lighter roasts, and crisp cup character. The fragrance from the dry grounds and wet aroma are similar, and give a good sense of the cup flavors. The fragrance has an overall dry-roasted peanut/almond tone, and a cocoa powder scent. In the wet aromatics, there is toasted coconut, almond, and a touch of honey sweetness. The cup is mild, but has crisp, bracing bittersweetness from light chocolate and nutty flavors. There is a buttery quality to the mouthfeel, the body registers as middling, not that light, nor that thick. I like the lemon grass herbal brightness, and as it cools there is malted milk ball sweetness in the mid-palate turning to bittersweet in the aftertaste. It's a little drying in the finish, with almond skin flavor.