Honduras FTO Lempira -Cosagual Coop

A mild, crisp flavor profile, with hazelnut roast tones, light body, apple acidity, spice hints; cocoa powder and chocolate emerge at darker roast levels. City+ to Full City
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Central America
Grade SHB
Appearance .4 d/00gr, 17-18 2 Screen
Roast Recommendations C+ is the roast I describe above. My FC+ roast was nice, much more cocoa and chocolate than the C+ .
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
Honduras has great coffee ... the problem can often be getting it out of the country in good shape, and getting it shipped here promptly. It's ironic that one of the closest coffee origins to the US is one of the hardest in terms of logistics. Honduras has a long history of growing cheap Arabica for quantity and price, not cup quality. Part of the problem is proper drying and resting of the parchment coffee after it is wet-milled. One area that has proven to have good conditions to properly patio dry coffee is Marcala, in the West. But in general, qualities are improving in Honduras. Poor processing and handling has changing due to the great efforts of NGO organizations, the Honduran government and the various quality initiatives such as Cup of Excellence. We found this Organic and Fair Trade certified lot, not from them mill that has been our favorite (Cocosam - which is coming later in the season), but another region near Maracala in the Lempira department. They too have the ability to process and dry coffee that is lacking in the northern part of the country, and the result is a better expression of the true coffee flavor from the tree to the cup. It is from the Cosagual Coop, and the farms range from 1200-1800 meters in this Westerly district bordering the Chalatenango district of El Salvador. It's a simple, clean cup, straightforward and enjoyable. (I also like the espresso shots we pull from this). The dry fragrance has caramel and vanilla scents with a touch of sweet butter. In the wet aromatics I get almond extract and, again, a sweet creamy dairy note (at City+ Roast). The cup is noticeably spicy, with cinnamon and, to a lesser degree, allspice accents. As it cools a mild watermelon flavor emerges. It's no powerhouse, rather delicate, with a clear, light body. Almond roast notes and an apricot suggestion come out as the cup cools, and darker roasts develop a nice, crisp bittersweet chocolate/cocoa powder flavor.