Hawaii Kona Purple Mountain

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region North America
Grade Fancy/Extra Fancy
Appearance 0 d/300gr, 18+ screen
Roast Recommendations City+ produces really nice cups with the more delicate floral notes; FC to FC+ has great chocolate character. FC+ to Vienna makes great S.O. espresso!
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
This is a coffee that is uniquely Kona, with that soft "island profile" cup character. There are flavors very specific to Kona coffees grown on the handful of farms that actually have the right altitude and the right soils to grow coffee that demands the premium Kona price. The biggest problem with Hawaiian island coffee is not that these few small-farm Konas command a high price, it's that a lot of poor quality coffees and non-Kona coffees are priced according to the reputation of the deserving ones. Some excellent Konas are sold directly by the mills in Kona and they can be quite good too, but they vary to a greater degree than actual farm-specific lots. Judging by the cup, Purple Mountain immediately struck me as the kind of coffee that is true small-farm Kona, where the coffee is clearly farmed for quality and not quantity.. In fact, at 2000 feet in the well-drained volcanic soils of Honaunau region of Kona, and the farm has certainly hit its stride in this their 25th year. The coffee is pesticide-free (not organic certified but all by all measures they practice organic farming), hand-picked and totally sun-dried. The farm is limited to 8 acres, and the Stiles family that own and farm it are active participants in the Kona cupping competitions. The coffee is usually milled by the well-known Tom Greenwell of Greenwell Farms, but there can still be an occasional broken bean, or partial defect bean in this coffee. Remove this before roasting for the best cup results. The cup ... The KPM has a sweet, soft aroma with a hint of jasmine floral note in some cups, and aromatic woody notes. The cup has nice body, a little creamy, and a clean sweet snap to the cup right off the bat. Initially, the dry grounds have macademia nut and vanilla touches, and these come through as in the flavor too, as the cup cools down. With the lighter roast (City) the acidity is mildly citric, floral, and the roast taste is malty-sweet. City + roast did not work for this coffee last year ( I preferred the darker roasts only)r, but this year I am enjoying the light roast treatment immensely. Purple Mountain also works great at FC+ roast - it has a nice, bittersweet roast taste at that level with no loss in body, and perhaps greater dark roast intensity than the other Konas.