Hawaii Kona - Moki's Farm

Lighter roasts have a refined sweetness, attractive floral aromatics and flavors, silky body. Darker roasts have a silky chocolate mouthfeel, and work great for single-origin espresso as well. City to Full City Roast.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region North America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade Extra Fancy
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 18+ screen
Roast Recommendations A very light City roast is ideal for drip brew, with plum and floral flavors. FC roast has silky body and sweet chocolate. I am very impressed with the single-Estate espresso I get from a Full City+ roast of this coffee.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
Moki_‹_s Farm is near the town of Captain Cook on the Kona coast of the island of Hawaii. At 2000 ft, is a _‹Ðmauka farm_‹, located on the upper or mountain side of the highway that transects the Kona coffee belt. The elevation at Moki_‹_s assures the ideal amount of rain to water the coffee and sun to ripen and later dry the coffee while volcanic soils nurtures the coffee trees and provide great drainage for the roots. It has been a small privately owned family operated coffee farm for over 100 years. Unfortunately the widower of the coffee farmer was not able to maintain the farm and during the late 1980s and 90s the farm suffered from neglect. In January of 2000, Vivian and Roger Rittenhouse purchased the farm realizing their dream to own property in Hawaii and become part of its diverse culture and economy. Because of the condition of the farm and trees at the time of purchase, the Rittenhouse's made the difficult decision to remove most of the existing trees and replant. They were however, able to save approximately 50 trees that are 100 years old, to use as seed stock into the future. Roger's coffee is well-prepared, showing care in harvest and milling of the coffee. I became aware of this very small farm (just 2.1 acres) at the 2004 Kona Cupping Competition. It was a personal favorite, and upon returning to the mainland I contacted Roger to see if he was interested in offering us green coffee. We have been working together on shipping small lots of his coffee to California as they become "mature" (fully rested in parchment down to 12% moisture or less). It' s a bit pricey to deal with these small amounts, and ship a little at a time, but I cup each lot Roger sends and am really impressed with the consistent high quality. I guess that's why Moki's was the #2 coffee at the competition in '04, and has had honorable mentions or made the finals nearly every year since. Now, Moki's has hit it's peak in terms of cup quality.
I tested this lot at different roast levels and found chocolate, ranging from milk chocolate to more bittersweet types, at every roast level. There's a bit of dry coconut and almond in the light roast fragrance, and a caramelly sweetness. To these scents, the wet aroma adds dark raisin fruit notes, and a touch of molasses at FC roast. This is definitely another "up" year for Moki's in terms of cup quality. It has slight floral flavors in the light roast an attractive silky body. I did some roasts that were very light, City roast truly, and have sweet plum notes, along with the hibiscus floral aspects I mentioned. The roast taste has an almond nutty quality, and this is a flavor that dominated the nice SO espresso I made from Moki's. FC to FC+ have more of a raisin fruit, evident as it cools, and mild dark chocolate tangy flavors.